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 Urban Silhouettes Custom Design

A custom choice collection with a twist!  Choose either fabric or leather, welt or top stitch, 3 different arms and 5 different base treatments.  All pieces have 25" inside seating width, but the twist is all arms are only 4" wide, so pieces are scaled to fit urban lofts, condos, smaller rooms in older homes or anywhere someone just wants a smaller looking piece of upholstery, but with the same seating integrity of larger pieces.  Choose from free standing pieces to sectionals, something for everyone.

Hand-crafted in the U.S.A

Original design has a 38" depth.  Now also available in a 40" depth.

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pdficon Download PDF - Urban Silhouettes 38" and 40" depth Order Forms

Step 1: Leather or Fabric?

Select one (1)

l1xeb2c3-84 chair top stitch WEB

Leather (L)


F1xeb7c3-93 top stitch WEB

Fabric (F)



Step 2: Top Stitch or Welt?

Select one (1)

F1xeb7c3-09 top stitch WEB

(1) Top Stitch (no welt)


f2xrb4c1-88 sofa welt WEB

(2) Welt



Step 3: Choose an Arm Style

Select one (1)

XR - rolled arm

(XR) rolled arm


XP - padded arm

(XP) padded arm


XE - english arm

(XE) english arm



Step 4: Choose a Base

Select one (1)

B1 - skirted base

(B1) skirted


B2 - upholstered base

(B2) upholstered base


B6 round-tapered

(B6) round taper


B4 - turned leg

(B4) turned leg


B7 - square taper

(B7) square taper



Step 5: Choose a Back Cushion

Select one (1)

C1 - box cushion

(C1) box cushion


C2 - knife edge cushion

(C2) knife edge cushion


C3 - button back

(C3) button box cushion



Step 6: Choose a Piece or Design a Sectional

Individual Pieces


Sectional Pieces

sectional pieces

pdficon Download PDF - Urban Silhouettes 38" and 40" depth Order Forms